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Today is the day I return to the art of drumming in what seems like a year without playing. Due to the restrictions for rehearsal spaces during COVID, it’s been more about 6 months or so but still, I am allowed to exaggerate, especially after being away from the kit for so long.

I intend to lug all my drum pieces up to a local rehearsal space and blast the kit to my hearts’ content. I am awaiting the desperate attempts of staying hydrated, keeping healthy and not hitting instant exhaustion half hour in but I fear that may be the case, especially after not having the consistency of rigorous drum practice week-in and week-out.

But alas, I’ll push myself through it because I want to have that feeling again, I miss it. That feeling of having nothing left to give and feeling amazing for it from playing a musical instrument. There’s nothing else like it.

Time to dust the cobwebs off, folks and dive in head-first.

Blisters-abound I’m sure, I’ll see you on the other side.

Wish me luck!

12 responses to “Today’s the Day …”

  1. Nice! I hope you have fun! I have a newfound respect for drummers since I tried it an failed miserably 😄 It’s a lot harder than it looks… Have a good practice 🙌

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