It’s been a slow week for me this week. Not just in the news of music but also lagging behind on doing some decent write-ups for you folks There won’t be one today, unfortunately sorry guys, I’m completely maxed out today. But nevertheless, some delectable write-ups have occurred on here over the past couple of weeks, and so don’t miss the chance to have a look and gain an insight to your future favourite artists …

April has been a good month so far, hopefully more to come!

The Journey of Foals: What Went Down

One Big Year: The Snuts

Let’s Talk: Will We Ever Run Out of Music?

I made a playlist: Pop Romantics

2 responses to “Don’t Miss This!”

  1. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    No one says you have to write a new post every day but you! I’ve slacked off lately, partly due to burn out, and also because I want to have a life away from my laptop.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah haha I don’t blame you! The problem is, I promised myself at the start of the year about doing a write-up every day and wouldn’t want to break that four months in! But I am starting to burn myself out, maybe a couple days off would do me good over the weekend 🤔🤔

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