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Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’ copyright has been “deeply traumatising” – but is it worth pursuing?

As court hears a “deeply traumatising” bout of affairs from Sheeran’s party, does the claimant of such infringement have a leg to stand on? It’s always fun doing these with you wonderful lot. Have a listen at the two songs below and let me know your thoughts. If anything, it just ADDS to the plethora […]

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Twin Atlantic: Transparency – Album Review

FIRST WEEK, PLENTY OF NEW 2022 MUSIC: From a change in era to another, there seems to be an apparent monsoon of new music in our midst this week, with the 7th of the day the first Friday into the new year. ______________ Emblazoned in the comfort of remote recording during the time of a […]

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GRAMMYs 2021: Do the Grammys Matter?

As they snub favourite artists such as The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar from their acclaimed prizes, sift through the mud of allegations from racism, sexism and a lack in diversity to artist picks – it shows just how unfit they are as judges to music. With the Grammys receiving such a subjective onslaught each year […]

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The Importance of Making a Scene: Controversy in Music

Controversy in music has been around for decades. From songs involved in plagiarism where an artist has nabbed the same bars or so, to music censorship and its subsequent murder – even to the calamities of live performances with the cynical attempts of miming, auto-tuning and generally being an arse to your fans while on […]