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Childhood Nostalgia | Black Eyed Peas

Critically acclaimed and un-rivaled among the rest in the industry at the time, from their savvy rap act, Black Eyed Peas became a record-breaking, chart topping, dominating mainstream phenomenon.

And if you don’t remember Monkey Business in 2005, you’ll certainly remember 2009’s The Energy Never Dies (The E.N.D).

For me growing up, this album was massive. The anthems on this album were unprecedented – colossal and took the charts by storm. I loved this album. Still do, come to think of it. Boom Boom Pow, Meet Me Halfway, I Gotta Feeling, Imma Be. These songs hit me right in the feels; right in the childhood. I was ten years old when this album came out. These songs were everywhere in the charts, you couldn’t escape them, even if you wanted to. Taking a more electronic dance sound to this album, altogether, their three number one singles topped the charts for half of the entire year in 2009.

With the rest of the bands chosen within the Nostalgia Series, Black Eyed Peas will one of the influentials in the list. It will certainly be the artist that led me through my “RnB/Chart” phase as a child, and they will always define the ever-lasting genre of pop groups. Not as prevalent as they used to be, Black Eyed Peas now operate as their original trio. With new music harnessing the usual simplistically of catchy pop, it does not have a shade on their old 2000s music however that undoubtedly, cultivated their position and captured the hearts of thousands of fans – and kids – who had never heard of such music before.

Thanks Will, for the music and the memories.

What do you remember of the Black Eyed Peas?


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