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From punk-idled Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes cancelling their two intermittent London shows off the back of their ‘Sticky’ tour to Harry Styles’ Pre-Orange Bowl concert being cancelled in Florida overseas due to a variant surge amongst the prevailing pandemic, the live music sector is amongst fears yet again as we enter a ‘new year’ in 2022.

We may very well be venturing into a lockdown in January 2022 too, so a lot of cancelled concerts will more likely return for Spring and Summer seasons next year, which means more months postponed in a music industry – already trying to adjust and amend itself from the 10-month lockdown closure that we saw at the start in 2020.

Should we be expecting to live with these COVID variants moving forward? Even with vaccinations strife among our population, these variants are still running rampant with positive cases throughout Europe and the US. Will we ever evolve to normality again with us attending live music events for a full working annual year? Only time will tell.

5 responses to “Return of the Tale: More concerts are cancelled in amidst COVID surge”

  1. Not to be a downer, but it’s all playing out exactly as predicted almost 2 years ago. I hate it because I’ve been trying to get live shows going in the US but they’re going to be a thing of the past. Nothing we can do to change that.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts. Yeah, there’s certainly some truth into what you’re saying – certainly those major concerts that we won’t see returning until Spring/Summer next year at the latest. Let’s hope Deja Vu isn’t an everlasting presence this time around as we go in 2022 … the THIRD year since this hideous pandemic contaminated us all.

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