Record Store Day: Second ‘Drop’ of 2021 is TOMORROW!


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That’s right, folks! The second ‘drop’ for Record Store Day drops tomorrow on the 17th. Rife with deals, discounts, rare finds, treasured and limited vinyls, it is another day to celebrate the world of vinyls.

While independent stores revel in the rise in sales and continuous community turnover, one particular store is hoping to get involved this year – for its 100th anniversary special. That store is HMV. As the store is raised of independently owned chain of stores, they would “love” to be involved with RSD, and feel it would certainly benefit the local music vinyl scene, especially in areas where there is not a presence of such independent record stores. While I think independent and chain shouldn’t belong in the same sentence, it would be nice for such a store that is commercial and massive on a music scale to get involved with the help and support of such an industry. Although, many are saying otherwise. Many feel that HMV’s involvement could very well cause this momentous occasion to lose its independency, style and charm that makes it what it is.


Happy vinyl shopping, folks!

2 responses to “Record Store Day: Second ‘Drop’ of 2021 is TOMORROW!”

  1. 2loud2oldmusic avatar

    Surprisingly, there is nothing on here that I want to get up at 5am for and wait in line. Last month there were a bunch I wanted, but couldn’t because we were going on vacation that morning. That was a tough day for me…family?….albums?….family?….albums?….family won of course. That night I went on line and was able to get 2 things I wanted but the rest was sold out.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah, yeah I lucked out. I wasn’t able to get the ones I wanted due to a mass sell out and the ones that were available, weren’t really jumping at me! Oh well, maybe next year!

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