Song of the Day: Loyle Carner’s Loose Ends


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An empowering vocal delivery matched with honest lyrics, Loyle Carner with Loose Ends is a creative MC like none another.

I first stumbled upon Loose Ends when creating a kind of ambient playlist I was going for. I was sifting through ideal artists and promising singles and I just had to stop. Stop in my tracks as this song played. It had certainly been a while for a song to keep me hooked in like that for so long. That should really tell you enough about this distinct alternative of hip-hop.

The angelic vocal partnership of Jorja Smith (same creator behind the similarly-soothing work of Addicted) makes it that more perfect with them both, creating an unlikely duo that intermingle with one another so well.

The soothing instrumentals behind it make a worthy listen for that casual Sunday where you need a song to hit that spot. Well, Loose Ends hits that spot pretty well.

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