Here we are again … WEEK 9, eh? Well, here’s four faves this week to get stuck in with – but this time, short and sweet tokens from my first thoughts on each. Enjoy! Catch the week prior below if you fancy a rewind of some sorts.


Laced with a certain charm and pizzazz to their music, Manc trio, Dalmas are out to set the record straight with the persona drummers get in a band – opting for the unique option of a drummer and a frontman in the same hot seat. Out from this intrepid line-up comes a feeling, that will not only tarnish the stereotypes of music line-ups for time to come – but will also no doubt, blow the bloody doors off to who ever listens to their exemplary catalogue so far.

Taxi With Strangers

Sheltering from those raining days with their music being a well-sought comfort blanket, Taxi With Strangers’ future in that scary music industry won’t be so bleak and miserable (unlike those rainy days.) Especially if they are continuing on their righteous path of big dreams and even bigger songs – TIME and Green Jacket drench us from head to toe in gleaming warmth and the thrills of a simpler time. Take me back to those rainy days, please.

Jellyfish in Space

Letting go and allowing yourself to float weightlessly among the marshmallow clouds is the best advice to give when listening to music from Jellyfish in Space. Atmospheric illusion filtrated with hypnotic bass lines and catchy hooks, they are out to push themselves aside from the usual in the industry, and provide a whole new meaning to “getting lost in the music.” So lost in fact, that we may well end up in space ourselves.

Imaginary Childhood Friend

The composer behind Imaginary Childhood Friend has a compulsive style that is deliberate and tentative in its making. Divulging in stories just with the grandeur of his piano, we are left to second-guess ourselves and interpret own version of events. For instance, the chaotic trills of the descending piano in “Gravity Always Wins” leaves me envisioning that we are always falling; but never winning. The simplicity – and yet complexity – of a solo piano always sees you walking away, feeling far more connected to it, than any other instrument can.


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Recents Stories? Yes please.

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