As we count down another week cramped in our isolated spaces, we’ve had more opportunity and more personal time to listen to some of our favourite music this February.

And here are my top music picks for this month:

Making A Fire – Foo Fighters

Despite the album being a massive let-down with the mediocrity of Medicine At Midnight, one rising hope is flamed-single, Making A Fire – and it’s been on repeat ever since its release for me.

Hurt Arlo Parks

With a flair of delicacy and precision in all the right places, Parks’ debut album has been a tremendous success, with an album peppered with just the right amount of seasoning.

Grapes of Wraith – Weezer

Complicated-album-artwork and Radiohead-inspired Weezer return with Ok Human. With musicality we’re all so familiar with, they are nothing but keeping it weezy.

Relax – Basement

Melodic hardcore punk-influenced group, Basement are providing a different spin of things with dance-electronica single Relax – no doubt putting a lot of surpirsing thoughts into their collective punk fanbase.

Here We Go Again – Night Lights

Sparking a return to the limelight, colourful retro rock-pop supergroup, Night Lights have returned in ample fashion with EP, 6 Feet Aparty.

These are the select few songs – and albums – that have been on my radar this week.

What’s been on yours?

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