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Welcome back, folks. WEEK 8! Our picked four this week cover the vast plethora of music alternatives and are well enjoyed in our ear nodules.

Give it a read … then give them a listen.


Quirky alternative Bristolian 4-piece, Langkamer are bringing the class back into classic rock ‘n’ roll. Sweet soothings of guitar trills and hush vocals come together for an eclectic blend of that good ol’ rock ‘n’ roll we’ve been wanting a taste for – with a cheeky pinch of country from the far West.

The bands’ releases from both their eponymous EP and their second instalment, Getting The Band Back Together in 2019, are jaunty tales that brings instant comfort to any avid listener of music.

Key picks to listen out for have to be Hotel Hello, Cloud Mountain and of course their new take, Full Contact which has gained insurmountable support and success since its release. Full Contact is just the latest showing of a band that rolls with the punches – and has an incredulous amount of fun doing it, too.

Glass Monkey

Glass Monkey and their sounds of music is every bit as beautiful and aesthetically-pleasing as their EP’s Find Your Bearings eclectic artwork. Seriously envisioning a strong presence in the future pop-punk scene – and not just in the Scottish Highlands – Glass Monkey are out here with a point to prove.

Despite being fairly quiet this year (for obvious reasons,) they’ve managed to constantly build momentum and a rapport, as they’ve let their music do the talking instead. Shark Tooth bears a profound edge to it and works fantastically well as a final EP piece. Other jewels go from Granite States and Myosotis, as they drive an impressive thump from the get-go. All the while showing off the true syncopation of Glass Monkey with their all-out guttural guitars, syncopated lyrical duels and booming bass that knocks the sockets out of your ears.

Pseudo Cool

Following in their predecessors footsteps from the likes of The Clash and Buzzcocks, Pseudo Cool are every bit as rebellious punk-modern as they say, demonstrating their disgust for conformity in society and writing raw, spiteful punk anthems about it all.

Having only released four singles since last year, they’ve already built a storming reputation with the dark temptations of Pseudo Cool brought to everyone lips in the spunky-punk (is this a saying?) scene. Wrong and Modern Man brings the true strengths of the band together in a frantic disorder of sheer satire, to share their distaste of relationship ideals that pretty much everyone can relate to in this day and age.

Good For Gordon

Last but by no means least, another female-fronted band graces our presence on Hidden Gems – and for good reason.

Drawing inspiration from similar counterparts of Wolf Alice and Black Honey, Good For Gordon join the plethora of sheer, genuine musical talent on offer in the city of Manchester. The brash with the brazen is the rightful approach to their sound and brings about something new with it.

Their stark-raving bold rock draws you in with grandeur from those emphatic melodies and that vocal presence that leads the pack in sheer-ferocious beauty. Right now, three releases is all you need from a band with an impressive sound behind them, to tempt and tease us for more in the coming year. Sunflower World, Black Rose and Disarm Your Denial live up to the expectations, I assure you.

That’s all for this week. Who’s set to be the next four?



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