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Lost for new music to find? Want to get into your local underground music scene?

Excited for fresh, refreshing and upcoming music talent to delight your ears to? Hidden Gems is a series that promises just that.

The series is updated weekly, as it gives a quick rundown for your 4 new favourite artists to listen to for that week.

From electronica, ambient vibe to the corners of metal tropes, we cover every genre imaginable that these song-writers are wiling to cook up for us.

If you would like to plug a request for yourself to feature on Hidden Gems, then by all means – let me know!

HIDDEN GEMS (WEEK 7) will be going LIVE in a couple of hours, so you’ll have the most recent rundown into how this series works, all the while giving you four new artists to sink your teeth into.



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Hidden Gems (Week 7)

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