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Regardless of the past year we have faced, without the right networking or timing, the music industry is difficult terrority to start in. Of course, just doing things like volunteering and internships in a sector you’re interested in, goes a long way, and certainly gathers you integral contacts that you may fall back on in your later years.

No matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells us all. Integrity is everything. This goes the same for the music industry. Among my discussions with music industry professionals for Industry Insight: Interviewing the Professionals, where key topics of interests are talked about – – integrity is the key principle to being successful in the industry.

I implore you to give them a read.

Becoming key contact is a really important factor in success.

If anything, you’d need to give everyone else no other reason to contact but you for something or an opportunity. Key of marketing, Hayley Marchant swears by this ethos.

Success in Music Marketing

From expert notes within the major music labels based in London and the importance of ‘experience’, you can view key discussions with Hayley Marchant, surrounding Music Marketing here.

Success in Music Management

From ‘defining success’ to the importance of networking, you can view key discussions with Mando Chastouki, surrounding Music Management here.

“From originally operating in Athens, Greece to finally moving to London to search for more answers in big investing companies, it allowed Mando to land exclusive roles in directly managing three completely different bands in three completely different genres – 

which pretty much equates to three different markets to tap into.

Success in Music Journalism

Now of course, leaning into your strengths you have already learned is important, too. Music journalist, Christian Gillett is a fine example of that. Gillett consecutively was a music journalist for an international newspaper in Hong Kong. So, he not only had to tap into his networking skills within an unknown world to him, but he also had to learn a whole new language on the job.

From profiting most from your strengths and adapting to change, you can view these key discussions with Christian Gillet here.

With no degree or an ability to speak the local dialect, Christian really had to lean into his strengths within music to combat the problems he faced in South China.”


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