Your New Favourite Artists to Listen to …


Must-Listens: idk why I try, I’ve Been Up Way Too Late

Raw, driven and modest, Scottish four-piece Misplaced are bringing their take on pop-punk with their deluge of explosive passion that brings another high-spirited version of events within the underground pop-punk scene. Giving their formidable counterparts Catch Fire and Woes a run for their money, Misplaced run a smooth blend of chaotic punk with their tight, lyric spell-bound in, idk why I try and humble emo beginnings with Fate & Fairytales. Their dynamic songwriting choices are strong, hideously catchy and viable for any American Pie soundtrack …

Dohny Jep

Must-Listens: L.U.S.T, Ambushed

With their music and songwriting decisions as witty and sharp as their name, their uniquity to blend heavy rock sounds with wilful electronica and synth-pop melodies is to be desired for any cunning singer-songwriter – every song segment gives whiffs of different approaches and directions and is beautifully unpredictable.

Their debut album, LUST, which was released as of last year, takes you down a wormhole of anthemic tunes that I’m absolutely smitten over. At this time, I can only imagine what they sound like in a live setting. Favoured listens are Ambushed and their self-titled single, L.U.S.T – what a corker.

Their next EP, Smile, It Never Happen will be available on the 26th of Feb this year.

The Upcoming Storm

Must-Listens: je m’en vais, il est trop tard

Finding different music is always a nice feeling. And this band is no exception to that feeling. Dreaming in Wonderland. That’s how I can only define TheUpcomingStorm and their catalogue of music. With alluring melodies that linger in the ears and an angelic voice that does the exact same, the beauty of this music is eclectic. There is an even more charming quality to it with the fact that it is French and I can’t understand a word of it – almost as if it makes it more captivating and mysterious. Instant favourites go from, je m’en vais (I am leaving) and il est trop tard (it’s too late), that are sheer bliss to get lost in.

Dallenger Cheap

Must-Listens: Bench Dream, Take Time

Inspired indie/alternative rock collective, Dallenger Cheap are out to prove a point. Drawing avid innovation from the likes of The Front Bottoms and The Wonder Years, the foursome lot have conjured up their debut album, In Between, with frivolous fun, striking chaos and a splendid blend of ripe guitar trills, appealing melodic rhythms and to-the-point lyrics that instills the vibe of indie through-and-through.

Their debut album, In Between is a fairly recent release and features favourites such as, Bench Dream, Take Time and Two Steps Ahead, that just make you warm and fuzzy inside. Top stuff!

There’s your set four for this week – get busy listenin’!

You can catch up on previous weeks above, by the way, if you want more music discoveries.

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  1. Anna Waldherr avatar
    Anna Waldherr

    You have a gift for writing about music.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Ah thank you, such kind words! Thanks for stopping by.

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