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Hidden Gems (Week 5)

Your New Favourite Artists to listen to …

The Ultraviolet

Must-Listens: All I Need Is To Be Needed, Lost a Friend


Impactful, tight and chaotically edgy, The Ultraviolet profile an accurate description of fluid, prolific alternative rock with a dash of the anarchic pop-punk for good measure.

Originally harking from Lincolnshire, the four-piece have caused a wave for their live performances, packed with a wealth of energy. From dispersing themselves across the stage floor to setting up the drum kit in the middle of the audience, their live work show just how much they love it.

From their 2016 angsty debut, Wake Up Dead (This life ain’t what I wanted/It’s corrupted feeding on my mistakes/I’m back to where I started), to their alluring Lost a Friend (I feel a weakness coming on/ Why do you answer when I’m gone / Sink your teeth right into me / The same old story .. ), this tightly-knitted group have stayed true to their roots, pumping out singles that harness a deeper understanding of creativity, passion and a willingness for everyone to hear about it.

Their most recent release in 2019, Remember Me, leaves the band painting a much darker picture within their songwriting, possibly giving us a small indication into what to expect in 2021 – when the industry resumes to normality, that is.

With the boys teasing their studio work throughout Summer of 2020, we are all impatiently waiting for new music from The Ultraviolet in 2021.


Must-Listens: Pretty, A Little Longer Yet


Sweetness is a band name that implores comfort and tranquility – and it does exactly that.

The band’s identity of hailing from Sheffield in Yorkshire is simply amplified with their witty, insightful lyrics that are a-washed with dazzling melodies that are a treat to listen to. Their music falls in line with jangle pop-punk charmed with elements of rock ‘n’roll, drawing true inspiration from the likes of fellow indie counterparts, Red Rum Club and The K’s. Even the hints of Mancunian faves, The Smiths are present, with their perceptive lyrical ingenuity and driven beats that brings the collective together as fantastic songwriting.

From their singles, Pretty (have you heard of life’s oldest cliche? / only good things come to those who occasionally wait), Honest Man (I’ve had another love I’m sick and tired / there’s nothing to learn but how to compromise) and their recent release, A Little Longer Yet (no more sitting around / no more letting me down / because I’m so ready to cry, it’s bliss), Sweetness tell tales by giving an “emotional ode to the lonely” through bitter-sweet melodic bliss.

With a plethora certainly easy to please one’s ears, we hold our breath for more Sweetness crafts and tales.

Before Stories

Must-Listens: 1 Like = 1 Prayer, Born Below the Tide


Diverse, original and oddly captivating, Before Stories are a two-piece duet from Scotland who are leading the way in post-experimental Talk Rock. In an enriching, distinct powerhouse of guitar trills and sharp-cut, poetic vocals (“The future looks the same as the past and the present, sleep walking from one day to the next”), Jamie Reid and Colin Brennan are out to abandon the “traditional” and set a course for the new. Committed to themselves as nothing but intrepid explorers into the unknown, this rambunctious duo are out to set the record straight with their ethics and creativity.

The Next Reason to Breathe is their fourth successive EP, and is a defining mood of an unnerving society, and instills this impactful memory throughout. This new source of music is a dystopian-like fairytale, instilling elements of dark mystery, raising awareness to the some of the most crucial questions we ask ourselves about ourselves.

Be sure to catch up with this duo on their work – I’m sure there will be more to follow into the new year!

Yaw Evans

Must-Listens: Cold Dreams, Memories of Now


Tempting bliss. Music to concentrate with. Diversity in electronic grooves. Collaboration of House, Jungle and UK Techno.

All of these descriptions can give an idea of the electronic music Londoner Yaw Evans creates in the comfort of his own bedroom.

Divinely inspired from the roots, culture and identity of the city – more specifically the hustle and bustle of multi-cultural, down-to-Earth Brixton – it has allowed him to create a true feel and identity to his music whilst also creating an ambient and enriching feel that is in its own genre entirely.

All created from Evans’ personalised modular synth, his recent concept, Memories of Now, has the potential to trail-blaze a new way of listening to electronic music, and is a joy to listen to, whether during the stress of the daily life or awaiting a moment to take it all in.

You can witness the spectacular either through all major music platforms or the link above to his social.


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