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\\ Queues right around the block for the boldest and best vinyls on the day. //

On the 23rd of April, we all experienced one of our favourite moments again – Record Store Day 2022. Celebrating their 15th anniversary with record shop exclusives, live music showcases, artist meet-and-greets and considerable vinyl prices shaved off across the spectrum of the industry, Record Store Day is a fanatic fave among audiophiles – and generic consumers jumping on the bandwagon of the vinyl resurgence over the last 10 years or so.

Indie and independent, it is a fabulous occasion especially for the up-and-coming, grassroot artists. Amongst New Music Friday – with note-worthy releases from Fontaines DC and Bob Vylan the day before – brings a (mongol) horde of deliciously delectable collectives and diamonds *in the rough*…

From Jack White’s Fear of the Dawn, Kate Tempest’s The Line is a Curve to the lesser known individuals of S. Carey’s Break Me Open, Tomberlin’s I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This… and Rilo Kiley’s Take Off and Landings.

While independent record stores got involved with discounted rates and vinyl exclusives across the UK – from Mostly Vinyl Micky in Glasgow to Lucky’s Record Bar nestled down in Cornwall – one notable stick-out was that of Rough Trade East in London. With their live music performances taking centre stage all day, while the vinyl shop was packed to the rafters with avid gig-goers and vinyl collectors, the day wasn’t right without some artist guests checking out what it’s all about. ..the likes of Dave from Glass Animals had avid fans queuing right around the shop..

Did anyone else get up to much antics on the day yesterday? If so, let me know if you got any packaged exclusives! If you’re interested in more, have a perusal on the top vinyl pickings on their website !! HERE.!!

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