Metallica: 20 Years On – The Black Album


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After 20 years on from its initial release in 1991, Metallica’s The Black Album is seen as the prophecy to metal.


With the record holding phenomenal magnitude and depth to the band’s creative journey, the Black Album has become an integral part of history in metal and rock music.

With anything deemed as a “classic” or a “phenomenal record”, I always think that the record at first release was shunned and dismissed. The Black Album was no different. But over time, the 1991 creation not only re-sparked those once lost in the plethora of otherworldly genres, but also revitalised the band themselves.

“Vulnerable” soft ballad Nothing Ever Matters is an intermittent metal classic that is now iconic in every way. The thicker and starker approach they took plundered those not into rock, eventually into rock.

To celebrate, some of the industry’s finest have come together in a collaborative feast of feats. In where restrictions are ultimately nullified, the album sees the likes of Elton John, Royal Blood, Sam Fender and Alessia Clare, record beautiful interpretations of the record collection.

The Metallica Blacklist can be listened to NOW.

3 responses to “Metallica: 20 Years On – The Black Album”

  1. Aphoristical avatar

    20 years?


  2. EclecticMusicLover avatar

    It’s a long album to get through, but I’m listening to it bit by bit and it’s terrific! I love hearing so many different artists interpreting those songs in their own unique style.

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Oh yeah, it’s certainly fab and a lovely idea to a nod to one of the greatest metal albums made to date.

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