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Aloe Blacc resides in us with his album about familial love – ‘All Love Everything.’

Of course, Aloe Blacc is not a name we are unacquainted with in the world of music. We are all far too familiar with his beloved classics of I Need A Dollar, The Man and Wake Me Up, when he became an artist on the lips of music lovers with his album, Good Things back in 2010. But of course, the name of Aloe Blacc has not been seemingly present in the music spotlight for over a decade since.

With temporal shifts in consumer trends, industry chart-topping rules and an artist becoming less relevant from one day to the next, it seemed that Aloe Blacc has become a forgotten figure in an industry that forgets easily.

But of course, as with the case with familiar favourites, we fall back into their music. I myself, first fell back into Aloe Blacc’s music when he released, fun-happy bop, Brooklyn in the Summer back in 2018. With continual single records and candid attempts in film soundtracks, he has returned to album form with his 2021 work of All Love Everything.

Adding to his already heartfelt artistic palette, Blacc’s warm and generous offering feels like he never left.

Inspired with the prospect of fatherhood, this album embarks on a new journey for the Californian singer-songwriter as he delves into the challenging of turning such a journey into lyrics and melody.

While not advising to be pigeonholed into one set genre and being uncomfortable discussing himself as a pop or a folk artist, he tells us his songwriting genre is solely “thematic.” While his music draws anticipation on all genres from soul, folk and contemporary pop, Aloe feels that his music follows rather a theme, instead.


“Rather than a genre, my music follows [a theme] I call A.I.M: affirmation, inspiration and motivation.”Aloe Blacc


All Love Everything is the next installation within the A.I.M catalogue and fulfils Aloe’s ambition to express his gratitude for family on such songs, “Glory Days” and you guessed it … “Family” – as well as fitting in the time to showcase the importance of support with, “My Way” and “Corner.”

Soulful, powerful and trying to be exactly what it wants to be, Aloe Blacc’s return to the music industry is as fulfilling and triumphant as his voice is.

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  1. topomzblog avatar

    Do you actually record songs? You sure do know about it alot

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Haha I used too, I’m a drummer y’see and I would frequent recording bits in a studio every now and then. I also went to study music at university where I learned a bit more about music. I appreciate your kind words though – it’s probably more me ATTEMPTING to sound like I know what I’m on about … 🤣🤣

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      1. topomzblog avatar

        That’s awesome, I do have a kid bro into music, the hip-hop kind though, keep the dream alive. ✌️

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    2. manvmusic avatar

      Thanks for stopping by, my friend.


      1. topomzblog avatar

        You are welcome

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