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Hey folks. A little bit of a personal one, today. With Hidden Gems losing traction and not working out quite the way I’d hoped, I am looking for some inspiration or insight into what you would like to see on Man v Music.


More MUSIC PLAYLISTS to create?

Or .. keeping up to date with the INDUSTRY NEWS?

Do let me know if you’d feel comfortable enough to share your thoughts or what you like about Man v Music!

For myself, I typically enjoy writing up music playlists, artistic reviews and keeping everyone up to date on the current music industry topicals we have in our hands. Music has many plethoras of opportunity, discussions and controversies – we’ve seen rife here as well as on our own blog and social media feeds.

It’s a marvel this music thing, and let’s keep talking!

7 responses to “I Need Your Help: What’s in store for Man v Music?”

  1. Music is a marvel! You’re so right on that. I enjoy all offerings new and vintage. I believe you shared Hidden Gems yesterday?? I saved it for today when I would have more time to listen. I like your playlists as I find some new things that I wouldn’t otherwise. I like the way that you inspire conversation. 🎶☺️

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    • Ah lovely! Thanks for your positive words and insight into this! I do try to instigate convo with this- music is the best convo to have after all! I’ll certainly delve into more playlists then after this 🗣🧐..

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      • I’m listening right now. I really like “Who You Are” so far. Really great. And here are two things I notice about the playlists, 1. I can click to Spotify and hit play and go about what I need to do. It frees up my device and my hands. It’s like radio in that regard. Plus in some WordPress posts you can only listen in WordPress which means I can’t do anything else while I listen and if there’s more than one song you have to hit play for each one separately. I enjoy those ways of listening but I never realized how different they are than this kind of playlist. This is a really enjoyable option especially when I go walking or there is more than one song to listen to. Thanks 😊

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  2. I think it would be great if you kept Hidden Gems going. Even if you’re not getting the traction you hoped for, those reading are certainly getting a lot out of it.

    More artist reviews and playlists as well!

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    • Ah that’s good to hear. You’re certainly right with that. Even if it’s not the greatest in numbers, those who do are certainly learning a lot about new upcoming artists on the scene 🗣🤔 .. thank you for the share, friend. I’ll do my best to do a bit of everything 🙋‍♂️💥

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