Passing The Torch: Should “Aged” Musicians Retire?


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Good morning, folks. My friends shared some “exciting” news today. Green Day are expected to release new music and a new album in the year 2021. To my surprise or shock, this news to me was anything but the sort. It may be my lack of interest over the years for a band who were in their prime, but have seemingly “past it” – or it could just be the simple fact that there are far better, and far stronger upcoming artists and bands who’d I gladly listen to instead.

HERE COMES THE SHOCK – No shock at all, retire already!

In the music industry right now, with the rise of streaming lurching us into the scary thought of not being able to control our music in the future, there are more artists and more bands than ever before on the Internet. Striving for our undivided attention – which is always divided, mind – the industry has desperately become convoluted and over-saturated. And it seems to be music with a tarnished reputation or music with no reputation at all.

Is it time fo rthose “old” musicians or “retro” artists who have had their moment in the spotlight to stand down, postpone making new music and make way for those upcoming artists who equally deserve their moment on the stage? In a perfect swan song, it may seem fitting for these experienced professional musicians who have actively made music going on 20 years, to retire and share their pearls of wisdom to the next generation. That’s the cycle of life, no?

If it is a case of these musicians simply doing it for the love then (it won’t be for money, that’s for sure), by all means, showcase tours and gigs, but do not litter the rich music media already with talks on how ‘this old band that we used to listen to in the 90s are back making new music’, because it does nothing but clutter the clogs of communication again. Leave those opportunities for the younger generations who work just as hard to make it somewhere in the music industry. I mean, there’s plenty of them, right?

Foo Fighters have been a fine example of this. An album that is lacklustre throughout with no inkling from the “Wasting Light” era – and yet, it still tops the album charts. Why? For the simple fact that consumers buy it for the name of Foo Fighters. The name will continue to carry them to stardom because of their impactful reputation within the industry.

Now, I’m aware of how controversial a topic this is among the community, as these are some of our favourite bands who we’ve grown up with, and their legacy will never be forgotten, that’s for sure.

But is it time to pass the torch?

6 responses to “Passing The Torch: Should “Aged” Musicians Retire?”

  1. antilandscaper avatar

    New music, is almost created at any moment and luckily we can explore what we haven’t heard before.
    Young or old it is more about creating new notes, new words rather repeating what was done before.
    I’m an old guy, but grateful to have my college radio station and all sounds out here on the wire .or I be stuck in a musical loop of old tunes from everyone;s past
    Thanks for you posts Jon

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Appreciate your words, Jon. It’s nice to get an opinion on this one; and you’re spot on! We’ve got the old to create the new. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Content Catnip avatar
    Content Catnip

    I’m older than you…I was a teenager when Green Day came out, they are not my cup of tea really so I can’t judge. However I think sometimes bands should give it up as their best work has finished…with a lot of exceptions though 😉

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Yeah I feel that. They’re free to perform live but leave the spaces up for new music for the up and comers!

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      1. Content Catnip avatar
        Content Catnip

        Who do you listen to now? I guess because I’m old I’m stuck on music from about a decade or two ago hehe but I would love to hear some recommendations for some new music.

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      2. manvmusic avatar

        Ooh I listen to a variety really, I try not to pin it down to one genre or one period. I’ve been getting into Moose Blood and Greta Van Fleet again recently. Hayley Williams’ second solo album has some nice moments, too! To be honest, I often catch the drift of a ‘release radar’ or a ‘rock list’ playlist on Spotify, because my discovery for new music is so damn lazy 😂😂


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