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I am always curious into what other avid fans of music are listening to and see if I can learn some new music along the way. For me, I’ve been recently getting into underground lo-fi hip hop at the moment, as a means to escape the harsh reality of the current world we are living right now. Of course, I have been listening to the usual within the rock world, as well as visiting tropes of funk every now and then. But only when I feel like it, of course. And, as ever, I dive into the classics of rock from Led Zeppelin, Cream to the epics of Clapton.

Artists like Powfu, Man Man, Arlo Parks to Architects, Kings of Leon and Cleopatrick to name but a few.

And with so much time on our hands with more and more artists able to actively release music from the comfort of their own bedrooms, we’ve never had so much new music right now.

Right then my fellow blog readers and avid music fanatics, what music are you listening to?

Let me know in the comments.

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