PRS Backlash: Licence Pay-out for Live-streaming Concerts Causes Uproar

Unilaterally announcing ill conceived new Tariffs in a crisis is not such a discussion.

In a response to the huge rise in live-streamed concerts as a result of the pandemic, artists will now have to pay a fixed rate license fee if they wish to play live-streamed gigs. This plan, outlined by collection moguls PRS For Music, has received instant backlash – as no prior consultation or fair warning was reached with other representatives before it was sworn in.

With the live music industry and live performances themselves in disarray, many have argued that PRS have exploited those who are cash-strapped those already throughout this pandemic – and have been attacked for being out of touch with its artists and representatives.

Under normal circumstances, PRS deem, “online live concerts are an incremental revenue stream to live performance” – and this circumstance seems no different.

… But representatives within the industry have barked back and advised PRS to stop acting “unilaterally.”

David Martin, who is established within the Featured Artists Coalition stated: “All of us want songwriters and composers to be paid fairly and efficiently for the use of their work, but this is not the way to go about it.”

There’s more too, as the voice to all grass-root venues in the UK has spoken – Music Venue Trust. Noting how there has not been any discussion of this tariff within the 8 months they’ve consolidated with one another, they showed further disdain to this fee in place;

“It is extremely important to the grassroots sector that the songwriters whose work sit at the heart of our ecosystem are adequately and reasonable paid for their work. A fixed rate Tariff is not a mechanism by which that will be achieved, and the methodology and rate proposed by PRS for Music will not result in grassroots songwriters being paid for their work.

We remain available to discuss the realities of streaming during this crisis with PRS for Music if they wish to have an informed discussion on it. Unilaterally announcing ill conceived new Tariffs in a crisis is not such a discussion.

Grassroot Venues and their corresponding artists, musicians and representatives in the UK are struggling as it is – is this the final nail?

You can read the full statement from Music Venue Trust below:

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