Gorillaz (2000) | Childhood Nostalgia


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Gorillaz and Burning Electrics

Other than the usual doses of chart music, MIKA and oddly, Kaiser Chiefs, the self-titled debut album from Gorillaz was my first proper album from the “alternative” scene when I was a young little boy – and I was hooked. It was the perfect album to describe what direction I was going in, and what my teenage years would transpire to be.

It was also the first time I’d been introduced to Damon Albarn’s crazy side whenever he was away from his straight-edged Brit-pop Blur.

Gorillaz infamous “geep” car

It was actually my Dad’s that I had stolen from his car, but nonetheless …

Still to this day, the single, “19-2000,” gives me the smell of burning electronics whenever I hear this song in its entirety. Why? This was because this song was always playing when my CD player had started to overheat, simply because I had overplayed that very disc. I don’t what causes my nostrils to get this smell, sense of childhood nostalgia perhaps, that is ingrained in my brain? Either way, its’ pretty amazing considering I just stumbled across this phenomenon.

If that wasn’t enough, I remember rightly the CD case had quite a large crack all the way along the front. It actually made the display of the band’s infamous geep warp and discolour, which I thought just made the album even more edgy.

I think this what music is all about – joining the dots, and making memories. Childhood memories.

I’m so thankful that I had the courage to nick this from my Dad and not return it.

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