My, what a quick week, eh? I was just reeling off last weeks’ releases of Arctic Monkeys and Loyle Carner during the working commute, when another Friday came out of nowhere.

As we enter the spooktastic weekend of Halloween, what creepy occurrences do we have lurking into the weekend? Nothing too scary, I hope.

The Hunna’s The Hunna:// Ripped from the same cloth as like-minded rock fanatics, The Hunna’s rise to rock stardom has been meteoric. Unapologetically themselves, 2016’s debut 100 shot to gold while 2018’s Dare shared the same blistering course. 2020’s I’d Rather Die Than Let You In saw a more mature flexibility to their songwriting – aswell as flexing out their chequebooks borrowing Travis Barker for a song – and now their back with their fourth album, selt-titled The Hunna. Despite an unusual album name four records deep, the music is nothing but unusual to the usual Hunna tropes. A whip-like snare matched with the crunchy guitars, we heard Apologies, Fugazi andTrash blitz through a more bruised rock while Circles and Sold My Soul reflect a more potent emo-rock Hunna of past.

Baby Keem’sThe Melodic Blue:// After sharing his thoughts albeit briefly on Kendrick’s explosive Mr. Morale, Baby Keem is back with more to say with his full tonic, The Melodic Blue. Cathartic with trippy trap beats with a locked-in hip hop exterior, it features Kendrick and Travis Scott features with family ties and durag activity. Doused in compliments with Kendrick noting him as a “musical genius,” the album hosts a widening spectrum of fights and feelings as it filters poetic justice with sombre piano, issues and last breather 16, all the while bolstering hype tracks, booman and vent.

King Gizzard’s Changes:// The hardest working band are back. Now chartering their way through their fourth album release of the year, Changes is the follow-up to colossal work of Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava. Evoking a sheer guttural psychedelic rock that has seemingly lost its way since the late ’60s, King Gizzard is a boasting of chaotic jam-outs actually working out well. With a flurry of ideas strung through their guitars-as opposed to down on paper- they are one of the most enticing and exciting bands to exist right now.

The Beatles‘ Revolver:// An inspiration for mass generations, the whole Beatles debate is unfettered upon the discovery just how impactful their music has been – especially considering they only recorded a little over 7 years. Good news, Beatles fans. If you hadn’t got enough of their work, the super deluxe of 66’s Revolver. Featuring a crisp mix for this year and unfiltered cuts and versions worthy to get stuck into, it explores 2 hours and 30 minutes of all things Beatles. As if that Apple documentary wasn’t enough!

Sam Fender’s Wild Grey Ocean:// Our favourite boundless Geordie is back this week with a new single, Wild Grey Ocean. Succumbing to the piano and horn laxatives, it features a more tender songwriting approach compared to that of the hard-hitting thunder-strokes of Seventeen Going Under. Treading a similar trail from Alright, will we expect to see a more alleviating record?

Some honourable mentions this week are Polyphia’s Remember That You Will Die. A more instrumental blend fitting for the soundtracks of Halloween, it’s certainly one to get your teeth stuck into. Whack Playing God on full for me, would you? Another mention would have to be Fred Again… Mastering the wording of ‘bedroom artists’ in his own right, the trademark sound of Fred Again.. is an intriguing one. All stirring into a melting pot of pure unadulterated house music, he uses the most unlikeliest of sources for his inspiration.YouTube clips, half-baked iPhone footage, random Instragram accounts and untapped conversations: this is Actual Life. Danielle (smile on my face) and Deliah (pull me out of this) are stand-outs for me.

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