Rayowa: “Believe” EP review – soul-soaked euphoria for fans of disco


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As we wave goodbye to the uplifting sentiment of Summer and enter the more colder nights of Autumnal pumpkin spice, we may wish to hold on something “what could’ve been,” especially if you’re booking your new Summer hols to Tenerife.

This band of brothers may very well be your in.

The word “vibes” does not often enter my vocabulary, for fear of giving myself second-hand embarrassment from using such a word. But in such instances, I think they’re incredulously worthy exceptions. I believe that Rayowa’s Believe may be that exception.

So here we are. Band of three brothers, Dan, Reece and Luke Baker maintain the warmth with their sun-kissed singles and infectious melodies with Believe. The 4-track mini-project shares a love of disco, soul and pop music in a bitesize pop of a contemporary sound, ripe with crystal-clear falsetto and the glistening clique of guitars that is very much a longing for the beach. Whether it’s a fitting soundtrack for the coast or just simply perfect music as you get ready for the day, it’s a feat worthy of garnering attention from the likes of Colors, House of Solo and Wonderland.

As Good Life caters to Chic‘s Le Freak, one of the greatest disco bands to traverse since the ’70s, and Believe is garnished with a side of Funkadelic’s glittering charisma, Rayowa effortlessly intwine with the classics before them and the adventurous contemporary of modern disco. Searchin’ and Remember bring the soul side of things, bringing together crispy grooves to snack on next to the punchbowl. Charged by their lead 2019 single, Better Man, the once 3-piece have now tripled in size with a nine-strong collective within their live line-up. So watch out, the group may be coming to a city near you soon.

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