Pizza Crunch: “That Serene Age” album review – another worthy Scottish slice of alternative sound


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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Here on mvm, we are no strangers to the work of Pizza Crunch, with us saying a few words about their single release, Young Excitement back in April. We are also not one to shy away from talking about that same band who is receiving a sizeable chunk of attention at the moment. Rightly so.

From the draw-in, hooky inflections and guitar drives that comrades DAYTIME TV share, to those elusive lyrical notions that conjure up Baby Strange energy, Pizza Crunch begin to crawl into our soundtracks and playlists as one of the best new alternative sounds hailing from Scotland.

Now, one of Glasgows’ most exciting exports have announced their debut EP. Walking the wire between the sultry shoe-gaze of easy-listen-indie to the hardened edge of widespread post-punk, That Serene Age combs between Young Excitement to Wilting Youth, that neither-all age of staying young, all the while getting older: if youth was really free of care / when precisely did you give in to tomorrow?

The EP catalogue has taken a year and a half to bring together for our ears. It comes as no surprise too. Equipped with the best producers in the game who have behind the marvel works of The Strokes (Gordon Raphael) and The Rills (Jonathan Hucks), the record reads like a story.

The melting nostalgia of youth, reminiscing about it all at the point of Romanticised Past to the sombre beginnings from the weekends’ aftermath in A New Man and finally ending on the emotive electronics of The Art of Not Giving A Fuck, it is the work of some lads who have really put in the effort to make it a debut worth celebrating.

Like it was whipped right from Spector’s Now or Whenever, TAONGAF is the best description of what dark and alternative sounds are seeping out of Glasgow’s seedy underbelly right now.

Instrumentally too, the EP demonstrates the bands’ confidence to create such flexibility with their music, with this being their most socially explorative than previous releases. It sees a whole host of instrumentals, away from the usual expectants of indie with trombones, cellos and synths making a musical indent.

No department is falling behind either, with their live identity blossoming with several shows selling out at King Tuts in Glasgow already, with them even embarking to Rotterdam for Left of the Dial. It won’t be long before a sell-out hometown show at the Barrowlands is on the cards, right guys?

If you wish to catch them playing the songs live soon, they are playing Scotland’s strongest answer for music discovery, Tenement Trail Festival this Saturday.

A witty 7-track EP on the face of it, to a trivialisation of true pain as you begin to unpack, That Serene Age is a real reflection of us finding the new to enjoy the fresh and exciting again.

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