Time to wrap up warm, this is your NMF for the final September as we enter unchartered waters into wintery October. Have a deep dive down:

The End, So Far//: An era-defining moment for nu metal transcending genres, Sipknot are not exactly your run-of-the-mill metal band. They’re certainly one of a kind. And it’s unlikely there’ll ever be another. An equally contested band from all corners of music, Slipknot release their follow-up of We Are Not Your Kind from 2019 with The End, So Far. Although not as poetically prolific as their coercive Vol.3 and Iowa, it’s mighty euphoric to see the collective grow and grow into new masks and new experimental music. Featuring The Dying Song (Time To Sing) and The Chapeltown Rag, it’s an illustrious return for the Iowa-based group.

Burn The Empire:// Glasgow is turning up again with The Snuts, as they follow up their astounding debut, W.L last year – achieving the first Number One for a Scottish band in 14 years – with Burn The Empire. More of a settlement establishing themselves into the trade, it’s feeling is very much the same as the first.

This Is Why:// From their back-end hiatus of After Laughter in 2017, apart from Hayley’s solo work, we’ve not heard from the Nashville trio in awhile. Now, with a fresh, new sound and a hearty outlook, This Is Why announces both single and their sixth studio album in the same breadth. Comically catchy and prolific in style, it’s a new engaging feeling for Paramore.

Body Paint:// Quite possibly one of the biggest bands to ever arise out of Sheffield – and perhaps the North for that matter – Arctic Monkeys are never one to cave into what traditionalism wants them to do. Constantly arcing for creativity, style and ’70s integrity, Alex Turner seemingly goes back in time with his tape reel with Body Paint. A lucrative follow-up to There’d Better Be A Mirrorball, it emphasises the disturbance such a band creates whenever they’re on the path to releasing new music. Their seventh in store – after 2018’s divisive Tranquillity – The Car is expected to be released later next year, amidst the height of a stadium tour – all set to be sold out before the night ends.

Erased By Sunlight:// True sublime composers to minimalist influences, Go Go Penguin have been transporting us to entirely new realms since 2012, with A Humdrum Star making particularly poignant waves in 2017. They return this year with beautiful soundscape of Erased By Sunlight, a tease of the collectives work for 2022.

Fossora:// A visionary artist effortlessly blending between art and avant-garde, she is the master of compelling dissonance and immersive artistry to the highest degree. People haven’t heard of Björk’s music, know all about Björk as an artist. Icelandic queen, ’95’s Post ripped up the book of separating genres word-by-word, note-by-note. Fossora is her tenth studio album and embarks on bewitching poetry and sensual instrumentation that makes Radiohead look like a colour-by-numbers. This is certainly the one to listen to this weekend.

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