music in review. music in discussions.

As we see our nights drawing in earlier and I dust off my post-holiday blues from a weekend in Paris, we kick our feet up and whip out the keyboard again for another month of pure free-spirited reviews, talks and discussions on all things music.

We’ve had many exciting releases already while I’ve been away, Two Door Cinema Club release another highly-anticipated summer vibe anthem at the end of Summer while teen rock angst gets it comeuppance with Yungblud‘s self-titled. Nina Nesbitt grabs the headlines again with ridiculously gorgeous music for the Autumn season while the indie New Yorkers The Front Bottoms release another EP in the same year.

We also see the likes of The 1975 and Gorillaz crawling out of the woodwork from subtle appearances at our favourite UK festivals with new music.

I’M BACK BABY! Let me know what YOU would like to see a discussion of; be it a review, a discussion or a talk, let me know below and we can get to talking…

Love yas x

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