That’s right, folks. I went to a gig over the weekend.

Peggy’s Skylight, Nottingham: Me and Mrs Jones, 24/07.

A sunday afternoon jazz gig, no less. I had the absolute pleasure of witnessing a real power jazz trio produce some magnificent work at Nottingham’s very own convivial jazz club Peggy’s Skylight – all the while dining on some delicious mediterranean meze nibblings.

Despite the evident restrictions to the stage – we were banking on seeing the very double bass strings being plucked but were unfortunate to just see the back of it – it was a real moment getting lost in the world of live music during a Sunday afternoon. Feeling undeniably cultured and caught within the moment, it was a real treat – and certainly one to come back to, no doubt.

The venue, alighting merely 30 covers, is a subtle and delicate offering tucked away in-between the hustling nightlife of Hockley, Nottingham. With the food sweetened ever more so by the sultry sounds of jazz-melts – filtering off a £15k grand piano no doubt emblazoned in the centre stage – I’m still wondering to this day how I’ve never attended a little jazz club before. Not even Ronnie Scotts in London, mind. Well, consider that changing!

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