01/08: As we stagger into August, we are hit with a final flurry of a rockin’ summer. Take a glimpse at some of our picks this week..

Kid Kapichi. 5 days on (2 days off). You can’t have a what’s new list in rock without talking about these boys. Everything exciting right now about ‘beat punk’, they are force to behold. After releasing their debut independently This Time Next Year last year, they’re back fully signed on and equally raring to go with following Here’s What You Could’ve Won in September. Expect big boasts and big beats. Thumping your back doors in.

Kasabian. THE WALL. Despite another artist falling victim to production issues with vinyl numbers – oddly enough fellow Leicester locals Easy Life are also on that list – they’re keeping up with momentum by shooting out their fourth single after Tom’s departure. Gearing up to be a fruitful comeback story, I’m eagerly itching to the see full work The Alchemist’s Euphoria on the now-delayed date of 12th August 2022. Watch this space.

Bush. more than machine. One of the first English rock bands to emerge during the grunge boom post-Nirvana with 1994’s Sixteen Stone, they carry the flag into this years’ summer with bionic-bop, More Than Machines.

Matt Maeson. problems. More so entering the charting territory of its softer indie cousin than our weltering rock that we came here for, everyone loves a comedown in the playlist and this is the one.

The Hunna. trash. Another band that seemingly never stops from both recording and performing live, The Hunna don’t lose sight of their nu-metal soundscapes from 2021’s I’d Rather Die Than Let You In. Worthy listen for the return of a genre that was seemingly lost in the smoke. First we had Architects, now we’ve got The Hunna.

OFF! war above los angeles. Rebranding the realms of punk as they’re own, their new album in eight years boasts a whole new plethora of members, scopes and conceptualisations as they look for the indigo blues and lime greens as opposed to the brash and brazen reds that you see in atypical punks.

** top pick ** static dress. fleahouse. Resembling nothing remotely clean and in order, their new album, Rouge Carpet Disaster is an artful dodger in the world of supersonic metal and anarchic punk. Leading the pack from the back, static dress is the top pick this week in what to listen to. The review for Rogue Carpet Disaster will be released later on this week for you to enjoy.

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