What is your best rock & alt album of 2021?


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Rock This: As we enter the uncharted territory of 2022’s summer, we look back and reflect on some of our most cherished albums that came out this time last year that we’ve had on repeat ever since.

Teatro d’ira – Vol. 1. Måneskin.

Release date: 19 March 2021.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

<<loosely translated in English to Theatre in Wrath>> Off the back of their Eurovision high, Måneskin are bringing their erotic fever-dream energy back into traditional rock ‘n’ roll for international charts. I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE, ZITTI E BUONI, CORALINE. A complete reboot for a new generation of listeners, it’s bringing a new heightened sense of rock ‘n’ roll reforming to its glory days. Politics-aside, the majesty of Eurovision reminded us just how powerful rock is across the border in Europe. They hitch off the momentum best they can into the new year with Nirvana-enthused of SUPERMODEL.

Blue Weekend. Wolf Alice.

Release date: 4 June 2021

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

As one album that didn’t reach the dizzying heights of Love Is Cool, premature disappointment was rife with this one for me. But as ever, it was all premature. A split-decision of indecisiveness and a wrong decision at that.

An engorgement for the ears, this one has really grown on me to say the least. Irrespective whether this was spurred on from their reverent Glasto appearance, Blue Weekend is the perfect entitlement declaring that Wolf Alice are one of the biggest alternative indie bands in the scene right now. Delicious Things, Lipstick on the Glass, Smile, How Can I Make It Ok?, The Last Man on Earth. All noteworthy moments honouring a servitude to the magic that the London-based collective are serving up. Something more of an honorary mention, it may go further still earning a slot in that coveted “albums of the year” list.

It Won’t Always Be Like This. Inhaler.

Release date: 9 July 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A band that seemingly appeared out of nowhere from the undergrowth, another group of Indie rockers aim to join the fold with fellow Fontaines with an album that exploded out of nowhere, too. Driving the edge somewhere between 98’s New Radicals and the alternative 00’s Keane, Inhaler are the ones to watch out for. It Won’t Always Be Like This, My Honest Face, When It Breaks. They are indie-staples – creating euphoric soundscapes of happy-spirit delight all-the-while draping the more modern spin on it, that’s the craze right now.

GLOW ON. Turnstile.

Release date: August 21 2021

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Fierce hardcore punk met with tremendous heart, Turnstile are constantly adapting, constantly striving and constantly performing. This is GLOW ON. Their third instalment is just as emphatically fresh as their first one back in 2016. It’s always a good sign for a band when they ultimately keep themselves ahead of the times, and ahead of all bands who may stand in their way. No chance of that happening, of course. Not with an album like this. It never strains itself being something its not. It also has difficulty producing any songs that are worth skipping. BLACKOUT, HOLIDAY, UNDERWATER BOI, ALIEN LOVE CALL. Breaking down ideologies within a territory that is as youthful as their fans, it is a highly commendable album that deserves itself in this ever-growing list, despite the likes of alternative indie and hardcore punk being few-and-between.

So there you have it. Four of my chosen from 2021. Do you have any that are worth adding to the list? I’ll be sure to add them over time, if so. There’s too many to include!

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  1. Inhaler drop new single, “Love Will Get You There”… along with album announcement – mvm. avatar
    Inhaler drop new single, “Love Will Get You There”… along with album announcement – mvm.

    […] Read more: What is your best alt rock albums of 2021? […]

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