Welcome back all to your music update for the first week of January.

How’s it going so far?and what we are expecting to happen?

Glastonbury: Sheer Size from the Skies

Saving Summer for 2021: Question Marks around Festivals this Summer; “vital” insurance scheme necessary

After UK Music recently delivered the unprecedented report to support and enable the music industry to restart again, talks have been centred around how the industry can be saved for Summer – the season where the live music industry capitalises off the most with its iconic festivals from Edinburgh to Somerset.

The report advised an insurance scheme needs to be set out by the Government, to save mass cancellations for events and festivals set for this summer. This not only allows financial backing for these events that may very be cancelled this year around, but also provides further support to an industry that is already on its knees.

Numbers in 2019 – THE IMPACT

Whilst Mel B and Michael Eavis are clashing heads over whether or not Glastonbury will be cancelled or not this year, (who’s listening to Mel B anyways) an insurance scheme will surely be the best of both worlds?

If it goes ahead as planned and preparations are in order for COVID restrictions? Great, Glastonbury is a-go. If cancelled despite all planning made? Great, festival is insured for its loss and does not lose out by some considerable margin.

With it being backed by both UK Music CEO and fellow MPs behind highlighting the issue, we will hope to see this come to fruition in the coming weeks or so.

Lockdown Inspires Digital Performances: Charity Festivals Abound: Tinie Tempah Celebrates with Royal Albert Hall

24,000 artists were supported last year via financial support due to the ever-present situation with COVID and its toll on live music touring. While this is hugely supportive and reassuring to struggling musicians in 2020, artists are missing the real buzz about it all. The engagement with fans.

Livestreams, livestreams, livestreams.

Livestreams have surpassed any of our expectations this past year. From promoting albums, to Zoom gigs and events, livestreams have been the catapult to reinstate live music into people’s lives – all from the comfort of their own homes. Tinie Tempah will now livestream his forthcoming Royal Albert Hall show and will be broadcasted worldwide via On Air – a service that has previously hosted gigs from Skepta and Arlo Parks.

This show will also be part of the Royal Albert Hall’s season celebrating 150 years since the hall first opened their doors to the first performance in the truly iconic and illustrious building … in 1871!

It seems that despite many music venues – the Hall included – closed to the public, it simply hasn’t stopped the celebrations and love for live music. And, has since amplified the organisations of gigs and events placed online. Now, I know they’re not the same as “normal” gigs ya-da-ya-da, but it certainly beats nothing and makes the best out of a bad situation. This has also increased streaming and downloads ten-fold since 2020, and has further increased selling of physical albums themselves by 10% last year. Why? Simply because music is a stress-reducer and mood-booster to us all. Stay tuned with all current streams and online shows via On Air.

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