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Blinding Lights: Is 80s Music Making a Comeback?

I thought I was travelling back in time when I heard The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights for the first time.

Then I realised it was the processed drums and echoic synth present that was taking me back to the popular sounds of the 80s pop music.

It’s not just The Weeknd that is pumping out synth-pop keyboard inducing-hooks either . Dua Lipa is getting in on the action, too. Whether it’s the thin and funky bass lines in Don’t Start Now or the electronica style that play a wonderful homage to the exercise TV of the 80s in Physical, 80s is being brought back … again!

I’m not one to complain though, for I actually love 80s music.

No one can forget the pivotal moments and iconic memories produced by some of the biggest figures in pop history such as Michael Jackson, A-ha, Talking Heads, Duran Duran, Queen and Journey. Of course, no one can forget the likes of A-ha‘s Take On Me, Come on Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Down Under from Men At Work become instant classics for the casual skit and funny meme on the Internet either. And so, it seems it is about time for some fresh material to come roaring into the popular charts, ultimately tipping their hat to the trendsetters, music-makers and legends gone by.

Will we start to see a comeback – including the revivals of long-lost 80s bands themselves – of 80s music in the charts?

There’s clearly an audience for it, after all.

3 responses to “Blinding Lights: Is 80s Music Making a Comeback?”

      • You’re very welcome. I’m so sorry you didn’t grow up then. It was such an amazing time and I’m sad that my kids missed out on the decade too. If only they could have a taste of what we had!

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