Hidden Gems (Week 2)

In a time of animosity and uncertainty for the music industry right now, I thought it would be high time to provide some necessary attention to artists that may have slipped your music radar and shine some light on some quality music.

Kings and Bears

Must-Listen: When the Day

Simply fun, diverse and eclectic Lincolnshire trio harness exactly that in their collection, with raw energy, happiness and feel-good connectivity throughout – as it will do nothing but make you miss live music even more.

With 2 3 4 5, Rise Up (“only when my mind is quiet / will I think again?”) and their most recent raucous release When the Day (“cause it’s alright now / when the day leads to night“) leading the way in exactly what type of rare and satisfying funkiness these lads can offer, soon we will mention the likes of them in the same breath as those influentials before them.

Keep ’em coming!

Until You Disappear

Must-Listen: Drunk Me

Following in the footsteps with fellow punk ambassadors, Gnarwolves and Basement, the boisterous lot of Until You Disappear have certainly made their presence known fairly quickly amassing quite a large following already – especially considering their evil teasing of future recordings for a studio album and having only released two singles thus far. Misbehaviour and fractious relationships among Distance and Drunk Me (“how I thought, I gave you it all / I’m trying / you’re not trying now / anymore“) cause raw, incredulous punk to edge out, as we get to grips with this bands’ identity.

Stay tuned if you want to hear more from these lot. After all, they may just become your next favourite band.

Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side

Must-Listen: Help me Make it Down the Street

Ever since Gentle Ben came onto the scene, those soft smouldering vocals matched with that same flair that the remaining members possess, their catalogue has become a true comfort to the ears, and is always worthy of a listen within any playlist you see fit. With edges of Blues and soft rock encompassing rich tones in The Beginning of the End and I Don’t Think She Loves Me, it produces the dark-mood quality like that of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey, to name a few similar counterparts.

The Pulse

Must-Listen: Penchant (For Pointless)

In what seems like the distant cousin of The Killers and Blossoms, The Pulse have kept the warm glows of electric synths alive and enriched us with swells of catchy hooks and dulcet tones, as they start their expedition into the music world with two emphatic singles, Penchant (For Pointless) and Poltergeist (I should have run a mile/but you’re my poltergeist/and now I’m crawling for the exit light”.)

With the likes of Pleasure and Creatures of Habit to make their debut soon, you better catch a whiff of these lot –

just to say you were there first.

By manvmusic

In one of the most controversial, ever-changing and unpredictable industries, join my rants and ravings as I dissect the music industry word by word through technology, current events, industry stories and problems.

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