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Week 2

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Must-Listens: Trapped Inside Your Shadow, The Way It Ends


Championed by the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Introducing, Vigilantes‘ sheer energy, consistency and enthusiasm is enough to delight any avid music fan and is enough for any other band to follow in their footsteps.

With inspiration drawn from the likes of The Strokes and The Libertines, they enter the prolific profile of another band leading the way in the UK indie scene.

Eclectic, immovable and simply impressive, Vigilantes are moving within the local scene in unimaginable ways, and soon it won’t be long before they litter our airwaves on every broadcast across the country.

Their immense songwriting skills comprises of dealing with yourself in Trapped Inside Your Shadow (“Spread my problems on the floor then cut them up like a Vitruvian man“) and toxic relationships in The Way It Ends (“If I talk/ I offend / Then I reject your calls again.”


Released in February this year, Revolution (Float On) reflects the latest slick and fresh styles from the band, as they harness irresistible hooks with another imposing release. For me, I am making sure to return soon, hungry for more.

The Pylons

Must-Listens: Grumble, Creatures


Originally hailing from Lincoln, now residing in London, The Pylons have an unmistakable, atmospheric charm and presence to their music that is hard to pin into one bracket.

Collated from a “melting pot of influences” – with delicate qualities like that of Tame Impala, Bombay Bicycle Club and Arcade Fire mixed in – the 4-piece have explored down many creative avenues with melancholic beauty – often resulting in absolutely joyous material that is so effortless to listen to.

Whilst making a name for themselves via their music, music production, and festival management – you won’t find four boys who are busier than this lot.


With their latest single of contemplation,“Grumble” (“stop, start, drop, fast / are you ready to go?”) showcasing their ability to write such songs with immersive melodies and reaching out to something other than the usual, The Pylons will certainly be a name to watch out for on festival line-ups this Summer coming.

Owl Rose

Must-Listens: Waster, Solo


Nothing but clean and beautifully mastered, Owl’s creative drive and ambition has allowed him to manifest an incredulous solo album that allows to combine his love for sad, darker themes lyrically mixed with that of a clean and nostalgic vibe with his Hozier-like guitar playing.

The lyrical ingenuity is something to be admired, with the warm, sultry tones of Owl’s voice that draws you in further, which is perfectly orchestrated against the acoustics.


With Owl’s recent remaster of Waster, reflecting a heavier approach to the acoustic version of the same song, is this a new direction he is set to take us in?

After all, it is no wonder that he has finally fallen on to this mix … what a corker.

Tough On Fridays

Must-Listens: Pleased to Meet You, Last Chance to Lose your Keys


Stylising their own brand of in-you-face rock ‘n’ roll inter-dispersed with elements of punk, female fronted three-piece, Tough On Fridays, have gained huge momentum throughout the past four years, enthralling fans across the pond, as well as a little closer to home.


Their debut album was originally released in Texas where they reside, in September of this year, “A Fantastic Way to Kill Some Time.” But since then, it has been enjoyed among both fans and critics alike.

With favourite singles, October First and The Waywards (“You said, “Stick to your guns / It’s all in fun, let the engine die“) encompassing and celebrating all that is great about rock ‘n’ roll, Tough On Fridays are giving us an insight into to what all the fuss was about with punk back in the ’90s.

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