In a time of animosity and uncertainty for the music industry right now, I thought it would be high time to provide some necessary attention to artists that may have slipped your music radar and shine some light on some quality music.

( … aaand with streaming royalties barely making it to pay the rent, we all know they need it to overcome the industry problems we are seeing right now.)

Dear Youth

Must-Listens: Who You Are

Following from the bread crumb trail that populous bands Neck Deep and Seaway left behind, the raucous and Brady bunch of Dear Youth have triumphantly marched onto the pop-punk scene with fiery heart and drive with Who You Are (“think back to who you are / I never really understood all along”), echoic What’s the Secret and their most favourable release yet, Fair Warning (“Should you be a bit more careful/ Accepting everyone around you?”), in which it gives hesitance in trusting others.

Delta Heavy

Must-Listens: Here With Me

English Drum ‘n’ Bass duo have been swaying on our airwaves since 2012, enthralling us with cosmic-like ambience and eclipsing grooves that you cannot help but bop just a little bit too. With Space Time (VIP), Here With Me and Anarchy good enough for any badass and energetic gaming vibes, this duo have had connections made to the giants in the game, Pendulum – and is it any wonder?

Everyone You Know

Must-Listens: Our Generation

“She don’t dance no more / So I don’t either.”

New noise from Everyone You Know is always a surprise. Whether its hinging on the genre of subtle dance and electronic (She Don’t Dance), or the chaotic anger of storytelling rap, (The Drive – “Now my mate that’s driving starts moving shifty
/I said, “Slow the fuck down, bruv, you’re doing 90 in a 50/So what if they wanna pull us over?) to happy go-lucky Our Generation, their music catalogue is diverse, enriching and addictive. Compared to local lads of Easy Life’s style in Daydreams and Dead Celebrities, this oddly funky and electronic storytelling rap is taking hold of the industry firmly with more and more attention being brought to this satisfying mash up of genres.

The Howl & The Hum

Must-Listens: Hostages

The sheer power, styles and material indie bands are showcasing right now is insurmountable – and these lot are certainly no different.

With a name that fits so well in the softly spoken world of indie, the band have frequented more so on local playlists more than ever, since their debut album, Human Contact, was released earlier this year.

With easy listening synergies of Hostages and Love You Like a Gun giving serious Sundara Karma and Blaenavon feels, this is another to add on to your radar.

Weird Milk

Must-Listens: Anything You Want

Now entering the confines of funkadelic styles, Weird Milk are the last of the hidden gems this week around. Ever since I came across the band from their fluster-funk single, Anything You Want (“Hanging out by myself/Sleeping on the weekend/Never felt so bad/A record on repeat/And you’ll never hear it clearer) I ventured into a wormhole of their work – with elements of Alex Turner’s influence no doubt shining through with slow, emphatic bass intertwining with lengthy lyrics – not to mention the inevitable Ooohs that seem to litter every song – in Honey, I’m Around (“Girl, there are some things that we can’t change I know” and You (“You/You’ve been riding round my brain for days/There’s something I feel I should say”.)

As ever, worth a listen.

All artists are available to listen to on any major streaming service, YouTube and of course, physical releases.

2 responses to “Hidden Gems (Week 1)”

  1. Anna Waldherr avatar
    Anna Waldherr

    Reminds me when I was young. 🙂

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Hahah brilliant stuff! Love finding out up and coming artists. Thanks for stopping by.


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