As we edge closer to new year, let’s take a look at the one of the last remaining NMF for December.

New Little Simz, Frank Zappa and The Alchemist join the fray this week for 2022 material.

Little Simz: In a surprise turnaround before her fantastic year comes to a close, Little Simz adds another stellar collective to her roster, along with her Mercury Prize atonement, Sometimes I Might Be An Introvert. A formidable force and lauded rap hero, NO THANK YOU features a more blithe Simz, as we’re a-washed with beautiful Angel and gospel Silhouettes. Of course, a Simz album is not complete with a hideously stanky bassline. You’ve got Gorilla to thank for that.

Frank Zappa: Another release this week was Frank Zappa‘s Waka/Wazoo. A prolific leader in is own right, Zappa was a rightful composite in music from the ’60s right through to the 1990s. No better way to celebrate his catalogue than with Waka/Wazoo. A commemoration to his “blessed relief” in his art, as he works with an “Electric Orchestra” concept, defined in two of his arguably greatest albums, Waka/Jawaka and The Grand Wazoo. Even after his death, his fans’ adoration had no way of slowing down. This illustrious bundle is worthy for any zany Zappa fanatic.

The Alchemist: the crafter of heavy-singed soul beats is back. The Elephant Man’s Bones, that was released earlier this year, was the first full album with Roc Marciano, a New York MC headhunter. Now, it’s the second pairing record of the same year. A collaborative quartet of the ages, The Alchemist Sandwich is very much a delectable amalgamation of different offerings on show to sink your teeth {or ears} into. Horn sampling works best on Action Bronson’s The Hopeless Romantic, while the Compton trap beatings are super effective alongside steamy rapper, Westside Gunn with Ray Mysterio. At the heart of Alchemists’ music though, is the sample-heavy, ladled beats masquerading true instrumental adoration for the host of rappers on this album to just do their thing (or “thang” depending on where you’re from.)

A few single releases last Friday were Circa WavesLiving in the Grey ahead of their fifth Never Going Under early out of the door on January 13th. Former Astroid Boys frontman ‘Traxx’ joins Lewis, Jaspar and Khalid on a new tribal punk venture with XL LIFE. The trio of singles, Baby Steps/Just Do It/Noise is making moves for the new noise in the rock/alt world of disfigurement and alter-egos. Get them on your radar. A Christmas favourite for me is the new Superorganism work, Woofin’ and Meowin’. Because why not? It’s Christmas after all.

Looks like there’s not an awful left to declare as we drop off for the festive holidays.

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