Kings & Bears – Live 30/07 Review – music for the soul


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The scene was set. Extended weekend at long-lost former home of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK. Setting the sights on the eclectic reggae-funk triage of Kings and Bears for a music reunion of sorts, it was a night to behold. There is a reason they have such a tightly-lipped reputation for their live shows.. no one else wants to share the secrets! Sharing nothing but love for the music, they are truly locked in shaping fantastic whirlwinds of melodic triumph. It’s not blasted through the speakers splitting your eardrums in the process either, it’s at just the right level of noise accompanied with the size of the cushty Platform space tightly packed above from the Engine Shed on the University campus.

Triumphant in return, poise and charm, it’s always a gig worth exploring, for both fans of funk, reggae, soul and even those bright rock-pop mashups. Such a joy to listen to, the recorded means of music simply doesn’t do it justice. Playing ample audience favourites of Rise Up and Love is Real before launching into their latest, Warrior, it is a tall order to simply stand still at a Kings & Bears gig.

Although recorded in 2019, you can have a listen to their live EP, Live in Lincoln here:

You can also catch out their polished music recordings below too:

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