From the influence of Bad Brains in a sheltered Washington DC hardcore punk scene, to the open-eyed poignancy with Nirvana and finally to the frontman profile with Foo Fighters, Grohl spills all with rock anecdotes spanning 35 years. 

His new fledging autobiography, Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music compels you to read through its 365-page content of pivotal moments into what made Dave Dave. Regarded as a highly successful rockstar and frontman – aswell as perceived as “one of the nicest guys in rock” – the book has been nothing short of a fanatical success story amongst his fans and his successors among the industry since it came out in October this year.

Question is – Have you read it yet?

{note: I’m in no way an advocate or affiliated with Dave and his team in promoting his products. Although, it would be nice.*cough, cough*]

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