1: The ONE thing I’ve realised …

I’ve been writing up my blogs over the past weeks and discouraged when people do not respond in the way I wanted to – and I’ve thought, what am I doing wrong? It’s all too serious. All of it. And it’s not meant to be – it’s music for goodness sake. Music is a thrill and a joyous occasion for us all, – (apart from those who see it as don’t) so why are we all so serious – me included massively in this – when we write about music, or talk about music? Is this just me – am I a music snob? Oh God, I’ve feared the worse. And it’s come true.

I may be gone for a while while I look myself in the mirror. Hard.

2 thoughts on “1: The ONE thing I’ve realised …

  1. Music & Life Blog says:

    Like you said, music is subjective! Remember when you write, you’re writing form your point of view…sometimes people will resonate with it and sometimes people won’t! Don’t get discouraged! Keep doing you!

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