2: CONTROVERSY! And a question: are we all music snobs?


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The problem why I may be so serious with writing music … am I a music snob?

What a potent concoction it is – music and snobbery. It brings up unhealthy conversations – soon-to-be arguments – and makes you physically detest your friends and their musical taste. That may just be me, because I fear I am a music snob, too.

A boring Google-ified definition of a ‘music snob’ is simply someone who will only listen to music to things no one has ever heard of. That experimental B-side that was so rare upon release or that obscure European band that brings pipe instruments to a whole new level. But is also goes deeper than that, apparently.

A friend who simply stops listening if “chart” and “music” comes within touching distance of one another. God forbid, popular music. That’s what those peasants listen to, isn’t it? If a song is simply ‘unworthy’ for the radio or is in God help us all … common time. If a song is not in an irate time signature like 6/8, then is there any point in listening to it to begin with?

This is my problem, I think. We all know the saying, opinions are like arseholes, because everyone has got ’em. And music is not different. Voicing concerns and opinions about music is like a chorus of disagreements all barking at one another. I have to say, I am prone to veering off into the unknown in the industry and discovering a band no one has heard of before. I’m like a proud dog returning the stick when I show to it my friends. Then I am instantly offended when they reject my offerings of insight into improving their musical taste and repertoire. How dare they.

From these findings, I can conclude that I am indeed a music snob. Send me across your explicit music playlists at your own peril.

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