How music has helped me through COVID


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Where we seek our entertainment with live gigs and events, we’ve had to punt for second-best: enjoying music in the confines our of bedrooms.

Music has helped me massively throughout this chaotic spell, it’s unbelievable – from keeping my mind occupied discovering new genres, and glimpsing into my future favourite music – despite its difficulties it has facing now with streaming issues and its royalty payments, Spotify has been a worthy investment since lockdown in March last year. As well as my eclectic collection of vinyls I have gathered over the years, it has been a true blessing.

It has distracted me from the chaos of the real world and dismembered my thoughts as I have worked from home throughout this period.

Vinyl Favourites

Here is just a few in the collection I have listened in the past couple of months, that have either discouraged my anger – and tempted it more so!

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes – BLOSSOM (Deluxe – 2021)

In an anniversary celebration of its release, I managed to pick up this deluxe edition of the original before they were all gone, and – this vinyl design and quality is just as beautiful as the soundtrack. Printed on a sleek blood orange and transparent vinyl, it’s discography from Juggernaut to their special release, Fire is relentless. Full of angst and destruction, this album packs an outrageous punch and is perfect to let out some during this time. Worth a listen, every time you manage it.

Mumford & Sons – Delta (2018)

Gleamed on a creamy finish, recent 2018 release Delta is the perfect medicine to all of the chaos in the world right now. Light and beautifully charming, Delta is the perfect album to grab a cuppa, kick back and relax.

Tyler, The Creator – Flower Boy (2015)

Tyler’s Flower Boy was the first album that got me into Tyler’s work and loved him ever since. It encompasses an oddly captivating and fantastic rap album that is brilliant to listen and slacken to. Sultry singles, See You Again, Pothole and Boredom entice you in with their doses of brilliance. Another recommended.

Ben Howard – Noonday Dream (2018)

Howard’s recent release of Noonday Dream is another worthy collective to shut the outside world to as its sombre acoustics whisk you away. Nica Libres At Dusk and A Boat To An Island On The Wall are worth every minute you spend listening to its lengthy works. Another favourite within the esteemed pile of the relaxed. Even though not as strong as his debut, it is every bit worth the listen.

What are your Vinyl Favourites? … Or any favourites, for that matter?

One response to “How music has helped me through COVID”

  1. nickreeves avatar

    *shudder* If there was no music during lockdown…well, it doesn’t bear thinking about, does it. An interesting collection of tunes there! I shall definitely have a listen to Tyler. Last time I heard him was, eek, long ago. DOOM was still here, Mark E Smith was still here, Bowie was still here, Prince was still here, hell, even Scott Ashton was still here!

    My plague prescription would include…
    Wedding Present/ Seamonsters
    BC Camplight/ Shortly After Take Off
    Sun Kil Moon/ This Is My Dinner
    Big Thief/ UFOF
    Sufjan Stevens/ Seven Swans

    Single of 2020 being Black Country, New Road’s Sunglasses. It won by a merry mile!
    Thanks! Keep on keeping on, Nick.


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