The 8 Most Anticipated Albums of 2021


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With no-one planning tours, which artist has been the most busy in the studio?

With live music yet to return to our lives, and with music sales – physical and streaming – sky-rocketing since lockdown, we take a look at the 8 most exciting releases that are expected to be in our ears in the coming months.

Drake: Certified Lover Boy

Rumoured album artwork to be true?

Currently topped as still one of the most influential – and richest – rappers in the past couple of years, Drake will drop his highly-anticipated sixth studio album aptly named, “Certified Lover Boy” in January 2021. After the single release of “Laugh Now, Cry Later,” it will certainly be more easy-going and free than the predecessor of Scorpion in 2018.

Foo Fighters: Medicine at Midnight

Foo’s album artwork of their tenth

Foo Fighters announced the band’s TENTH studio album on Saturday Night Live when they debuted their latest single, “Shame Shame.” This was soon followed by “No Son of Mine” on New Years’. It seems with the release on February 5th, Foo Fighters are amping up the anticipation for this particular album that will put their record discography in double figures. Medicine At Midnight will follow their predecessor , Concrete and Gold in 2017. With their fans noting that this album was not hard-hitting enough, will their tenth album shun the disbelievers?

Teaser of Utopia via Travis’s Instagram

Travis Scott: Utopia

Travis’s 2020 has been a busy one, with him collaborating with pretty much everybody who operates within the same scenes as him. His most recent work has seen him working with his idol, Kid Cudi on side project, THE SCOTTS, Now, he returns with his own making, teasing us that his fourth studio album is on its way. Rumoured to be known as, “Utopia“, it is set to feature singles, “Highest in the Room” and “FRANCHISE”, which features fellow collaborators, Young Thug and M.I.A.

Cloud Nothings: The Shadow I Remember

Confirmed artwork of album release

Produced by Steve Albini – who first produced their Attack on Memory release, Cloud Nothings are out to follow their 2018’s far slower release of Last Building Burning. The band have so far released two debut singles, “The Spirit Of” and “Am I Something” for its final acclaimed release on Feb 26th.

London Grammar: Californian Soil

Album is set to be turning point …

As a turning point for the band, London Grammar are back with their third studio album, Californian Soil set to release on the 12th of February. The band released the title track back in October and have further released a teaser-EP of some sorts with follow-up singles, “Lose Your Head” and “Baby It’s You.”

Arlo Parks: Collapsed in Sunbeams

HIGHLY anticipated debut from Parks

Collapsed In Sunbeams is the highly anticipated debut album from 2020 breakthrough artist, Arlo Parks. Known for her voice of melt and ambient deliverance, Collapsed in Sunbeams is expected to showcase the popular-already singles of Hurt, Green Eyes and Black Dog. The debut is set to release on the 29th of January.

shame: Drunk Tank Pink

Shame’s deep and dark artwork for their most recent

Shame share new single, “Nigel Hitter” from upcoming album, Drunk Tank Pink, and is expected to be released as of 15th of January. It will be their second successive album release after 2018’s debut, Songs of Praise. Since its release, they have since sent out partner singles of Snow Day and Water in the Well. Why not catch the whole album run-through next Friday?

Frank Ocean: TBD

C’mon Frank, it’s been 4 years …

It’s now been five years since Ocean released Blonde, and Ocean is sure to have more material stored away. Certainly after the successful releases of back in early 2020, Caynedo and Dear April – that seemed to be on Side A of one unknown and unnamed album – will there be a fully-rented studio album from Frank Ocean in the year of 2021?

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    Music & Life Blog

    Lovely post!! I’m personally looking forward to Drake’s new project! Hoping it lives up to expectations! 🙌🏾

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    1. manvmusic avatar

      Thank you! Oh yeah absolutely – will be a huge release I’m sure!

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