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Week 3

Week 2


Must-Listens: Trouble in Paradise, Another Night


Rampant alternative 4-piece, Mosaics have instantly made a name for themselves throughout the local music scene, and is one of those bands that possess such a raw energy to their live performances, that every gig organiser or collaborator should have these lot on speed dial.

With an ethereal-sounding mixture in the songs’ tones and expressions that is to be admired, Mosaics have entered the plethora of British alternative rock alongside the populous favourites of The Amazons and the Sterephonics.

Coveted favourites of Go Easy and Sunglass Eyes (WHEN YOU’RE STUCK IN THE MIDDLE) stand so strongly on their own and are so damn enjoyable to witness in a live setting too – … with such a long hiatus off due to that thing in 2020, you’d better believe that they will be back performing bigger than ever before.


Swells and uproar-abound, Wish I Was Here, is an EP that one should be immensely proud of. From its initial foundations discussing scepticism about the future on Go Easy to its more sombre feelings about the subject, on Weekend in Paris, Wish I Was Here is a “love letter to being in your early twenties” and perfectly illustrates that.

Team Picture

Must-Listens: Sleeptype Auction, Baby Rattlesnake


Eerily cool and oddly satisfying, the dreamy collective of Team Picture‘s off-the-grid approach to making music is intriguing and very desirable.

Originally formed in 2016, Team Picture have been making and establishing a presence to this progressive art form ever since.

With (I Have A) Little Secret drawing inspiration from the likes of Radiohead‘s arcadian style and their recent single, Handsome Machine, illustrating compartment(s) of resonant synth like that of Mini Mansions, Team Picture have everything in the making for sheer stardom in the industry.

Their debut album, “The Menace Of Mechanical Music” is a true element of great story-telling and a mysterious Clockwork Orange-like form that dives deeper into the unknown after every passing song.


Their debut album, “The Menace Of Mechanical Music” is a true element of great story-telling and a mysterious Clockwork Orange-like form that dives deeper into the unknown after every passing song.

New Ghost

Must-Listens: Your Reds, Every River


With this immense collaborative project refusing to be shoved into one music bracket, this art-rock collective are out to make a name for themselves with their profound and progressive playing styles that makes you want to stop and listen to them that little bit longer.

With the line-up of artists already present in the noise-rock UK scene from Nottingham’s Dystopian Future Moves and Flatlands, their prowess, raw energy and their ability to make compelling song-writing is clearly prominent with this project, too.


With the EP delving into an alienating dystopia, Future is Dead has a beautiful but dark touch to its making, and its sweeping vocals throughout make it more so.

Hopefully, we’ll see more of these in the not too distant future because clearly – they work so well together!


Must-Listens: Banana Juice, You’re A Kid


Cheeky, playful and simply feel-good vibes, Sukko are certainly on a mission to make themselves renowned to that of of the British Summer. Light, fluffy and compassionate, their singles make you feel like you’re walking on sand and feeling the waves wash over you.

With audiences left swooning over compelling vocals, splashes of washy riffs and funky, uptempo drums, Sukko are announcing their best work. This is simply dreamy indie-pop at its finest.

With only four releases so far from their initial get-together in the Summer of 2018, the band have amassed quite a large gathering already, which shows how much love indie pop is getting right now in the UK.

With the intricate flicks from the hi-hat wisps, to the feathery guitar trills, singles like “You’re A Kid” and “Fly To The Moon” are out to deliver the subtle funky be-bop side of the band – and the depth to explore more styles and varieties are as wide as the band want it to go.


Banana Juice encompasses the very best of dreamy idyllic pop, and has been their most prolific release to date.

Almost as if you’re on a beach yourself, it is the perfect tune to get excited for Summer to return once again to our shores, so we can finally enjoy Summer the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

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