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With music industry experts providing thoughtful discussions from insightful queries, we take a deeper look into how it all works.

Vanessa Rogeiro – Music Digital Content

While secrecy is sworn over career details, we delve into some favourite questions asked from this series to get another thought on the subject …

Tell us how you first started out!

It was back in 2014! There was this new festival back home looking for people to help them marketing the event across the country. I loved that project so much that I quickly realised that music was where I really wanted to be!

What do you enjoy most about the music industry?

Its endless variety. There is so much to discover in this industry, so much that is created everyday! It’s this creative process that makes the music industry so rich along with all the amazing professionals that make all of it possible.

What do you dislike most about the way the music industry is operated? 

Hopefully we will be seeing better payment for streaming in the near future.

Are internships the way forward in the industry or are they an outdated form of success?

It comes down to opportunity. Internships offer a way to learn and get to know people in the industry. But so does freelancing. These are two different approaches but as long as internships are properly paid for they should definitely be considered.

Would you say moving to London is the one of the most imperative ways to get into the music industry?

“No! London offers opportunities in its own way. But people create music everywhere in the country. If you want to get in, then honour, find bands, start working with them, get to know people in the industry through that channel. You don’t need to be in London, we’re a global industry!”

So, what’s next for you?

“Networking, getting to know the industry in depth, its amazing artists and their music. I am working towards what I do best, developing my passion for this art.”

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