PROGRESS UPDATE: Art of Online Drumming


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So, I joined the bandwagon of Instagram during mid June –  its now the start of September. And what a journey it’s been so far … I am more aware of my weaknesses and can honestly tell that my musicality and drumming progress has improved drastically. I’ve become more aware of what I want to do every practice session, more aware of the surrounding ‘music-verse’ through online, and am more determined than ever now! It’s remarkable that I’ve missed this opportunity for so long – I didn’t realise how important just practicing rudiments to a metronome were – my stickings and footings have become much more competent and the deliverance is much more powerful and confident, which is always good! I have even got organised and produced a weekly practice schedule .. wut ?


It’s given me confidence in multiple software too – Adobe Premier Pro; Logic Pro X etc, for mic mixing and editing aswell as photo editing and producing a ‘business’, in its more lucrative terms, I guess. And I’m loving it.

Here’s my starting logo from wayyy back when – – – RWIX5925


and it soon developed using a cool little app called Giant Square … Which is really cool, making stuff for me like this — which look really professional and business-like, in a way …

So, in the spirit of all practice making progress, I’m going to stick it out for the longest time possible, and see where I end up with it! If I end up where I am now, then no bother, it was worth the experience! See yous later x


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    Keep working at it, dude! Not that you need to haha.

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