TOP50 – The Top 10

Well, well, well. Here we are …


THE TOP 10 – quite frankly, I’m glad this is over. Right, let’s get to it. Now, I can’t really pin it on one single album as a winner; so this is a really loose top ten album list … Aaaaand I’m sure I’ve forgotten some gems, as usual. To begin with, it might’ve been better to do just artists and bands. Ah well. Maybe next time …

So, finally here we are – – –

10. Free – Twin Atlantic

Love these Scottish lads – another great childhood rock album

9. Royal Blood – Royal Blood

I’m so happy I got into these lads when I did –  such raw power and beastliness; was a toss up between their debut or their second ..

8. Outlandos D’Amour – The Police

Such a big fan of The Police; extremely underrated in my opinion

7. Physical Graffiti – Led Zeppelin 

Could’ve easily put Zeppelin’s back catalogue on here; but I ended up picking this beast of an album; soo good

6. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket – Blink 182 

Love a bit of good ol’ pop punk me!

5. The Works – Queen 

First album I listened to by the fabulous Queen; nuff said

4. Dangerous – Michael Jackson 

Again, first album I bought from this wonder too ..

3. Favourite Worst Nightmare – Arcitc Monkeys 

Monkeys didn’t get better from here – this was there peak; such a good album

2. Life’s Not Out To Get You – Neck Deep 

Love love this album; can never get bored of it – some good ol’ pop punk


  1. Flash Flood of Colour – Enter Shikari

One of my favourites from one of my favourite bands – top ten list just shows my top ten bands too! Two for the price of one. Their whole catalogue is ace, and with a band that has such a compelling and unique sound; awesome!

Soooo there ya have it – anti-climatic? yeah,  guess so.. but what did you expect? If there were any I’ve missed, I’m sure you are gonna tell me!


That’s all from me for now…,



By manvmusic

In one of the most controversial, ever-changing and unpredictable industries, join my rants and ravings as I dissect the music industry word by word through technology, current events, industry stories and problems.

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