Soooo … let’s narrow this list further shall we?

Here’s my top 24 to 11 personal favourite albums … of the albums I’ve listened to anyways – there could be an album out there, that haven’t listened to yet! … (I most of certainly forgotten some gems too, and for that, I apologise!)

SIDE NOTE – there will never be a correct order, as it is almost impossible to list your favourites from your favourites.


24. David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust 

Bit of Bowie never goes amiss – although maybe I should’ve put him lower down the list 😉

23. Bastille – Bad Blood

22. Glass Animals – How to be a Human Being

Album I was listening to when I lost my virginity – less said about that, the better..

21. Foals – Holy Fire 

20. Lungs – Florence and the Machine 

Alyx’s input to the list .. THANKS ALYX

19.  MIKA – Life in Cartoon Motion 

This album is not on here for musicality per se, but more the fact that, it’s one of my first CD’s I ever bought, and holds so many childhood memories – its nostalgia on a disc

18. Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf

– Album speaks for itself –

17.  Twenty One Pilots – Vessel 

Old Pilots is damn good – as a concept album, its certainly up there …

16. This Modern Glitch – The Wombats

Another great childhood album; will forever remain a Wombats fan

15. Tourist History – Two Door Cinema Club 

Again, same here … 

14. Blossom – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

Defiant debut album – live performance really does it justice too …

13. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum – Kasabian

I could’ve put Kasabian’s whole catalogue on here, but I opted for this bad boy

12. Man Alive – Everything Everything 

First impulsive CD purchase from HMV, and have been a huge fan of them ever since – their music is different to any band I’ve heard before …

11. Puzzle – Biffy Clyro 

BIFFY FUCKIN’ CLYROOOO – it wouldn’t be right without these on here

So, that’s them lot. Stay tuned for the TOP10 – that’s where it REALLY gets greasy…


That’s all from me,


Alex x

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