The Art of Online Drumming: Best of Instagram


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So … I’ve recently started jumping on the bandwagon of Instagram, and posting drumming videos online. I tell you one thing, it’s so godamn addictive. I’ve become obsessed, truth be told. I can’t get enough of it. The stats, the follower count – Lord help me. My girlfriend is going mad at the mere mention of Instagram. Come to think of it — me writing this blog, just shows how obsessed I really am.

But, in a way, It has actually helped me. It allows me to discover new skills, new ideas on the drum kit from other talented musicians, it has allowed me to be part of a bigger drum community. It’s pushed me further to practice consistently with the right tools and how long to do it for, so I can become a similar skills to those I have watched meticulously, scrolling through my feed.

So, in case if you’re stuck in a rut with your drumming, here’s some of the best of the best drummers right now on Instagram that I’ve discovered – – – give these sickly talented drummers a look on Instagram …

1.) Eric Moore  – the speed of his chops and his overall charm will make you grin wide as you watch him play – such a performance.

2.) Adam Tuminaro – insta_chops  – he produces such expert videos on the best ways to practice, build up your hand strength and independence and covering all sorts of genre styles within the conformity of drumming. Check him out …

3.) Stephen Taylor – stephensdrumshed – found his Youtube through his Instagram – but his videos are true in nature, and show a different side to drummers on Instagram. And that makes a refreshing change.

4.) kai craig – sweet, casual profile; delivering song covers from his requested fanbase – it’s simple but effective.

And a few others; Tim Buell; Tommy Igoe; Karldrumtech; Tyreece Younger Drummer; Nick (edrumming); greydrummer40; Noah Warnes; just to name a few!

These channels all inspire me to create better content every day; just keep searching through the community, they’ll bound to be one that’s not yet been discovered!

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