So, we’ve finally taken our hands out of our arses, and are creating our first EP.

And safe to say, it’s been good fun. No pressure. No criteria to match. Just doing it on our own terms – and that’s awesome.

Regardless of constantly seeing yellow, it’s been a real pleasure being in the presence of Hideout in the studio, so thanks guys x

We are currently recording and producing our debut EP which will be out in late 2018. In the past week, we’ve been busy in the studio recording drums for all songs – DYLJ, Going Nowhere, Let You Go, Close Your Eyes (as of yet.) Of course, as most bands do throughout their studio time, we’ve had a reimagining with some of our songs, like adding lyrics, re-recording Going Nowhere and taking unnecessary bits out and I’m very happy with how it’s coming along. So, I shouldn’t really show you this, but here it is – our first draft for our EP cover… Let us know what you think!


But, I’ll tell you one thing – it ain’t half an arduous and time-consuming job, recording drums. It’s not like a guitar where you can just plug in and play into a mic – drums have to be miked up perfect. And I mean, perfect. Even the overheads have to be an exact width apart from each other. Perfection is imperative anyways, because who wants to sound shit? If something is wrong, you’ll most likely hear it and it’ll take a day and age to find the source of the problem. I’m pretty sure the set up always takes longer than the actual recording! Let’s see here – you have three AKGs mounted on each tom. and two SM57s on the snare and below the hi-hat, which captures the sweet crisp sound you need from the hats. And over head, you have two condenser mics capturing all the sound that goes up high in the air, as well as the chink from the cymbals.



See, it’s good when you’re recording your own music, as you have no choice but to become a studio engineer in the same breath. And I’m all for broadening my skills, so that’s great!

We have finished drum recording now, taking several takes from each song. We’ll be taking the best bits from each take, and place in the same SICK MAMMOTH take for the drums. There’s neat little tricks within the drums so when we release it, keep an eye out for ’em!

You should always take something away from what you do, and I’ve learned how to tune up the kit to the sound I want, and how to really get the most out of it, which is always great.

There’s certain unspoken “rules” when you occupy a studio and I love how, we, Hideout have just completely abandon them. It was crucial to not agitated in the studio over something so trivial, as you’ll be spending a lot of time with the same people within the same four walls, so it’s always good to bottle up and go outside for some air from time to time.

Next, we turn to vocals and guitar in the studio, which safe to say, takes considerably less time to set up and record.

But hey, I chose this instrument, so I have to live with it, I guess!

Be sure to stay tuned to our social media pages – – – and – – –  to keep up to date on our EP work.



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