So, let’s talk about practice.

Practice is important. You need to constantly practice in order to tune your skill set, strengthen your chops and confidence, as well as getting to know your kit that little bit more…

But, of course, this takes time. And with practice – comes patience. You have to be patient as new skills won’t just come over night. Small steps make progress.


Patience is imperative to practice. Because if you’re not patient with your practice, you’ll become hesitant and start doubting yourself and your skill set. Few words of wisdom is to take it slow, progress will come in its due time. BE PATIENT WITH PRACTICE.

If you’re growing tired of boring practice sessions, why not write up in a practice plan every week or so? That way, it may not grow old as soon as past sessions, and you’ll have achievable goals to reach throughout.

Practicing also doesn’t mean taking 2 hour sessions, this no doubt, make the sessions become stale and boring. Just quick half hour sessions each day can sometimes bring about the most change — 20 minute rudiment practice and 10 minute jamming practice, for example!

I say this, with a certain formality to it, but above all, as it’s drumming — HAVE FUN WITH IT; because otherwise, what’s the point, eh?


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